Japanese Tea Ceremony

Japanese Tea Ceromony

This is a beautifully done workshop with special attention to every detail!

James explains the art of tea drinking. From the cup you are using, to how you hold the cup and of course the very special tea James brews.

In this session we will share tea to learn about its health benefits and find the right tea for you. Tea is a plant full of potential. Some teas warm the belly, some enliven the mind. Others are grounding and pacifying. All we need to do to learn this is to quietly pay attention to the effect of each tea on our body and mind.

James is a mind full of information on the art of tea drinking!

James has chosen a life steeped in tea and medicine. As an acupuncturist, James used tea as medicine for his patients, sourcing living wild and biodynamic teas from Asia. His chayou tea house was listed #1 in the Guardian’s companies leading the new tea revolution.

In November he launches his latest project - animalltea - an organic tea company that gives 100% of profits to wildlife conservation.

Course Details

Duration: 90 minutes
£130 per person. Opportunity to purchase tea
Min 5 / Max 9 people

Japanese Tea Ceremony

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