Face Yoga 8 Week On-Line Beginners Programme

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Eight super informative sessions that will give you a great foundation in face yoga. There are many techniques for strengthening muscles, releasing tension, eliminating dull headaches, tired eyes and so much more.

Please go through the bundle numerically, try to do each class minimum 3 times over 7 days before moving onto the next class.

Do read the description before you start each class because it will tell you what equipment you need for each session and give you an idea of what to expect.

Enjoy transforming how you feel and look from the inside out!

Zena x


My most popular 8-week on-line face yoga programme for beginners. This bundle is designed to stimulate and relax more than 45 muscles in your face, head, neck and shoulders. You will learn how to drain excess fluid from your face, relax tired eyes, relieve dull headaches, shape your jawline, stimulate your plumping agent elastin and collagen, strengthen your facial muscles, release teeth grinding and reposition your tongue (yes it does matter!) and everything in-between.

If this programme is done daily, within 7 days you will start to feel and a notice a difference. After you have completed all 8 sessions, start to incorporate a little of what you have learnt everyday. As you are doing the exercises notice the feedback from your muscles and skin. As you become facially confident you will get an idea which techniques work for you best at different times of the day, mood and season.

Every week you will go over previous techniques because repetition is very important and learn new exercise. You will release tension in the facial muscles while at the same time toning, lifting and sculpting to improving facial symmetry, draining toxins and excess fluid.

It is suitable for complete beginners, students that are coming back to face yoga and experienced students, basically for everyone. It’s the perfect life time package that you can keep coming back to time and time again.

LEVEL – Beginner & everyone else in-between
DURATION – 8 week programme
INCLUDES – 8 guided videos
WORKOUT TIME  – Between 20 & 30-minutes long for each recording
ACCESS – Lifetime
EQUIPMENT USED – Wine cork, organic essential face oil (not moisturiser), yoga strap/band/resistance band or tie

TALK TO ME               – Get in touch if you have any questions or concerns zena@kidd-may.com 


2 reviews for Face Yoga 8 Week On-Line Beginners Programme

  1. Emily T

    I really enjoyed Zena’s 8 week foundation course. It was easy to follow, packed with lots of information/tips and techniques … Highly recommend

  2. Bindy

    I loved the easy presentation of the classes and how you talk through the techniques!

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