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Chi Running & Oxygen Advantage Breathing Retreat

A unique workshops to improve physical health and sports performance through breath and functional movement

Open to anyone looking to improve their health, fitness and achieve a sense of enjoyment and fluidity in movement regardless of age, fitness level, skill set or training regime. From beginner runners to ultra marathoners, those who have never exercised to fitness buffs.

Saturday 30th March 2019
The Oxygen Advantage will address dysfunction breathing patterns to improve breathing in everyday life. Start with this and improve your physical fitness and sports performance.

  • The science behind breathing
  • Tests to detect any breathing pattern disorders such as chronic hyperventilation
  • Practical functional movement exercises to improve breathing
  • Breath-hold exercises to encourage your body to tolerate build up of CO2 and thus reduce breathlessness during exercise, improve aerobic threshold and VO2 max
  • Tips for better sleep and reduced stress
  • The science behind meditation
  • Build the Foundations of Good Running uses the Chi Running technique to improve running efficiency, reduce risk of injury and bring enjoyment back to your running. Chi Running is based on age-old movement principles of Tai Chi, focusing on movement from the body’s centre of gravity.

You’ll learn:

  • The importance of body awareness
  • How to improve posture
  • Key breathing focuses to make running and walking less effort
  • How to speed up by relaxing
  • The importance of rhythm
  • How to use gravity and the force of the oncoming road to help rather than hinder forward momentum
  • How to incorporate form focuses and visualisation into any training programme
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Posture Day Retreat

Perfect Posture
Jo discusses the true secret to sustainable, healthy posture and gives you the tools to achieve it, effortlessly. She use a combination of techniques: stretches and exercises, relaxation techniques, and hands-on correction to achieve the perfect posture.

There is growing evidence that poor posture can lead to a lifetime of chronic pain, fatigue, and low self-esteem. This workshop will give you practical tools to guide you towards good posture, a habit that will help put you on the path to a pain-free and self-confident life.

Furthermore, as we age it is our posture that can let us down, make us appear older and invisible to others. Come and discover how to stay young, straight and flexible with our expert Jo Kuszmar.

“Teaching good posture is about looking at how and where a person invests their energy, as well as reflecting on where there’s an absence of energy and then helping them correct that,” says Kuszmar, who trained as a nurse and shiatsu practitioner. She developed the deportment techniques seven years ago, when, after a divorce, and approaching the wrong side of 50, she feared she was becoming invisible.

Click on the following link for a Telegraph article about Jo’s work.

Click to listen to Jenni Murray on BBC 4’s  Woman’s Hour talking to Jo about her posture clinic – Are we a nation of slouchers? What good posture can do for you.

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All about our One Day Retreats!


Move. Breathe. Eat. Restore. Energise.

All in ONE DAY…

Ever said you’d like to go on a yoga retreat but can’t fit it into your schedule? Here’s your chance…

Whether you are taking your first steps to a healthier lifestyle or a keen yogi interested in a deeper experience. Make a positive change in a ONE DAY retreat.

Surrender to an inspiring blend of dedicated yoga, deep relaxation, whole-foods, workshops, talks all in tranquil beautiful surroundings.

Discover wellbeing from the inside out and wind up feeling blissfully rested, inspired and energised, all in ONE DAY!

Taking time out has always been a vital part of improving the quality of life, but it’s not always possible to take 5 days off and travel to a yoga retreat. A one-day retreat is an ideal way to step off the conveyor belt of life and spend time in a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere, reflecting upon and exploring the important factors governing our everyday experience and re-charging the batteries.


Our main aim is to create a truly calming and spiritually uplifting retreat, a space for relaxation and self-reflection. I want to give you permission to be quiet and take your practice to a deeper level, fully mindful of your body, mind and spirit and ultimately leave us refreshed and smiling.


DSC_9050 iStock_000020745095_ExtraSmall Pre & Postnatal Yoga

All retreats feature a long yoga master class, mindful meditation and breathing practise taught by the host. Groups are small (9), with lots of space and personal attention.


Each retreat we invite a different wellbeing practitioner to give a talk about their specialist topic or lead a workshop, sharing hands-on advice and take-home tips. From Indian head massage, reflexology, to Detox, iridology, fermentation, Chocolate making, Japanese Tea ceremony, weight Loss, menopause and how to run injury free to name but a few. Whatever we come across that is worth sharing and shouting about!

If you know of a wellbeing specialist that is inspiring and willing to share please talk to us. We are always open to new ideas.


A delicious vegetarian lunch will be prepared by local talented people who love to create & cook. All produce is fresh, seasonal and 100% organic where possible. Always GF and DF. Help yourself to herbal teas, Linseed tea and healthy snacks. You can choose to eat in or out door weather permitting.

SILENT LUNCH only on some of the day retreats

Sometimes the best cure is to find an answer from within. Turn down the volume, quieten the voice and really taste the joy of the food that has been lovingly prepared for you. I want to give you permission to be quiet whilst chewing your food. This allows the taste buds to fully engage and the food to fully digest. It will feel strange to start with but I promise you, you will come to really appreciate the silence.


DSC_2614 Yoga Candles DSC_8943
A beautiful family home in Islip, Oxfordshire surrounded by glorious countryside and a stunning dedicated yoga studio, make the perfect setting to retreat.


Have you ever fantasised about having your very own bespoke retreat? An exclusive day with a select group of friends, family or colleagues? Here’s your chance! Pick a date, theme and menu, and invite your favourite people to our private venue just outside Oxford. A usual day includes yoga, mindfulness, delicious lunch and you can choose from a guest speaker, workshop or treatments.

Own ideas welcome!

Lunch is prepared and herbal teas and healthy snacks are available. Whether it’s a special birthday, alternative hen party, team building exercise, family celebration or just some quality time out we’ll make sure you’ll leave feeling recharged and inspired!


We will send you home feeling regenerated and depending on the retreat with a super healthy goody bag in.




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