Nutritional Talk / Workshop

Options available for talks & workshops to choose from:

  • Weigh Loss & preparing 1/2 healthy snacks
  • Fermentation – what it is? Why we need to know about it? and how to incorporate it in your diet
  • Fasting – how to fast safely, its benefits and ways to incorporate it in your lifestyle
  • Menopause – What it is, when does it happen and how do you know you are in it. Tips and ideas on how you can experience your Menopause in a holistic way.
  • Self-care – the new buzz word! What does this really mean? Lot of tips and ideas on how to live a more holistic healthy life without it costing the earth or taking up too much time. Many great take home ideas here!
  • A subject of your choice – let us know if there is a subject you would like to know about, and we will see if we can organise it.

Course Details

Duration: 2 hours
£135 per person.
Min 5  / Max 9 people

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